Exciting Locations – From Seychelles to Unique Indian Ocean Islands

bob san seycchelles


What awaits you and your travelling girlfriend in Seychelles, and the many worthwhile island vacations available along the Indian Ocean? So much more than you would have ever imagined. Although it is an African island, the Seychelles, which consists of mostly British run resorts, maintains a noticeable measure of the French influence left here by colonist. The influence has its effect on locals who are usually a helicopter away from any of the major resorts, tourist like you and your travel companion, and the resort owners as well. This maybe the most beautiful place on the world for you and your girlfriend and if you don’t have a girl find one quick, if you have to hire one from an escort agency get her but make sure its a high class agency as this French influenced jewel in the Indian ocean can translate into the perfect heaven for intimate moments with a beautiful woman

Airdiem, a Paris based boutique, has introduced luxury hookahs, smoking hookah being a major pastime in Paris, you may have also heard it referred to as shisha from some of the young, and hip crowd of Paris. This hookah is a far cry from those taken along to the river Seine by Paris’ 20 somethings; it is actually advertised as a perfect piece for entertaining in the home, making it a great thing for either, or both of you to take home. Instead of the usual flavored tobacco or tea leaves, each usually dipped in a fruit flavoring, the creators of these hookahs have also developed a line of naturally orgasmic smelling man-made minerals, so even if you or your travel escort makes it a point to stay away from tobacco smoke, you can still both enjoy this as much as you like. These minerals which aren’t quite minerals create water vapors that as of now are being billed as healthy, so puff away. The most popular version, and best one to give as a gift is the disco hookah, it is made of special materials, different from the rest, and comes in bright colours. Airdiem has also modeled a hookah on the one gifted by Paris to the Court of Turkish Sultan Abdel Hamid the II. If you do get this particular model as a special gift for your travel companion, you can bet she’ll enjoy it even more if she’s a lover of history, since this gift exchange happened in the 1800’s. Crystal of the Baccarat variety is the one and only material that matters for this one! You can try it before deciding to take one home while in the Seychelles, all you have to do is sit on a perfectly scenic terrace, Takamaka Terrace at the Raffles Praslin Resort in the Seychelles.

Even if you care nothing for the old world, far away glamour of a beautiful terrace and a puff on a hookah that starts at almost 500 USD to purchase, Raffles Praslin is not a hotel to pass on, not if you and your travel companion care about exclusive and opulent luxury that is. Live like original Epicureans, with modern day amenities all around you. This resort has fewer than 90 rooms, not exactly making it boutique scale, but taking it far from the realm of anything other than exclusive. 86 of the guest room areas are villas, and each come with a butler who is dedicated to providing you with impeccable service, and the plunge pools here, they’re private. A network of streets is set up exclusively for golf carts, the transportation mode of choice for the resort guests, and all roads leave to the white sand beaches of the Seychelles, known for their lack of pointy rocks or anything that can cause discomfort in anyway, a rarity for even the nicest beach, and a reason to believe that perhaps this is really paradise that you’ve found yourself in with the angel of a travel model there to keep you company.

In the Indian Oceans, it is often the Maldives that we think of first, and with good reason. Many unique treasures and pleasures await you and your travel escort in the literally glowing (occasionally) island. While here you’ll want to seek refuge at Soneva Fushi, arguably the best luxury resort on the island. You and your travel companion can explore the coral, the bluer than blue water, and when you tire of the beach, a private pool complete with an island. That’s not a private pool for guests only by the way, it’s a private pool and island for you and your travel companion to enjoy any way you’d like, together, in the presence of no one else. When you’d like a new level of privacy as things get more intimate, head inside to the second private pool, in your bathroom, complete with an island and palm tree that will by then be old news, but no worries, now you get to enjoy each other under the waterfall, that’s right, the waterfall, in your private bathroom swimming pool which makes a lot more sense in the context of what a bathroom at Soneva Fushi actually is. Your travel companions amazing body finds a perfect home under your outdoor shower when things are all and done, and in the morning you’ll greet the sun as you walk out to have a quick contemplative dip in the tub situated out on the deck. Unlike most resorts, Soneva Fushi prides itself on its bottles of water, bottled on site with a mission of being environmentally conscious.