Checklist For Moving Out Of Apartment Buildings In Fells Point!

Moving to a new apartment is a stressful time for everyone, but moving out is even more so! Chances are, you may not have been the cleanest tenant while living in apartment buildings in Fells Point. Leaving behind a mess, however, can cost you your security deposit. Be courteous when choosing to exit the premises and give your old unit a quick clean before stepping out for good!

Remove Your Trash

It may seem pretty obvious to some people, but leaving behind your trash in the kitchen and the bathroom isn’t just ill-mannered but time-consuming for maintenance to deal with. Before you get ready for your big move, take your trash out where it belongs. Even if some of the items you think are useful, donate them to a neighbor, charity or simply toss them.

Clean The Carpet

Most apartments have carpeting as it helps form a sound barrier between neighbors and it is easier to care for. However, if you have been living it up in your current residence, your carpet will definitely show the damage. Before moving out, give the carpet a deep clean!

The first step is to vacuum well to remove the dirt and debris from the fibers that have gathered over the months. A vacuum with good suction is definitely a must in this case.

The next step is to find any spots that may have staining and attempt to remove them. Bear in mind, some spots are permanent and may be beyond your ability to remove. When in doubt, leave it alone! The last step is to steam clean the carpeting. You can rent the cleaner yourself or opt to hire professionals if you want to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Give The Walls Some TLC

Most apartment buildings in Fells Point are pretty adamant about not nailing things to the wall or using glue, but in the off chance that you’ve chosen to decorate in such a manner, your walls will need some TLC.

The first step is to remove all nails, glue or hanging hooks that you’ve installed on the walls. It’s not always advisable to do so, but you can purchase a small amount of joint compound to patch up the smaller holes. Doing so will make them virtually impossible to see.

Always give the walls a quick clean with a Magic Eraser. This will remove any paint damage or scuffs that may hinder your ability to receive your security deposit back. Rememberâ?? maintenance doesn’t necessarily want to repaint the entire unit!

Cancel Your Utilities

The very last step to take when moving out is to cancel your old utilities. This will allow the next tenant to receive these services and makes it easier for you to transfer your utilities to your next place of residence.

Moving out of an apartment is almost more stressful than moving in. Oftentimes, you discover just how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the months and years, which is why some preliminary cleaning is in order!